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ASRock Rack Announces Servers fully supported on NVIDIA-Certified Systems at GTC 2021

Taipei, Taiwan, November 9th, 2021 – At NVIDIA GTC, ASRock Rack today announced a wide selection of servers that fully support the AI industry, featuring NVIDIA® A100, A30, and A2 Tensor Core GPUs. With breakthrough performance on these GPUs, enterprises can shorten the time for AI deep learning and get ready earlier for AI inference, bringing more convenience for industries, research, education and daily life.

The ASRock Rack servers with NVIDIA GPUs offer powerful solutions for a variety of AI workloads. The NVIDIA-Certified System™ from ASRock Rack delivers the optimized performance and agility required to meet various AI training workload demands. Powered by NVIDIA A100, A30 and soon the NVIDIA A2, the ASRock Rack GPU servers accelerate every scale of AI training and inference.

The 1U4G-ROME and 2U4G-ROME/2T are 1U and 2U GPU servers based on PCIe GPU solution with PCIe 4.0 technology. The 1U4G-ROME also features 4 PCIe4.0 x16 dual-slot GPU support and is equipped with two additional riser cards for PCIe4.0 x16 low-profile add-in cards, enabling NVIDIA ConnectX-6® HDR 200Gb/s InfiniBand adapters and Ethernet NICs via the 128 PCIe4.0 lanes from a single AMD EPYC 7003 series processor.

The 4U server solutions, such as 4U8G-ROME2/2T, 4U8G-ICX2/2T, 4U10G-ROME2/2T and 4U10G-ICX2/2T, are interconnected with eight and ten NVIDIA PCIe GPUs based on the Intel and AMD platform. These memory-optimized configurations support for up to 16+16 DIMM slots and up to 10 dual-slot width PCIe® Gen4 slots in a high-density form factor. These server solutions feature front access that simplifies the maintenance and management and minimize service down-time to meet customers' demands for compute-intensive workloads.

The 3U4X-ROME/2T is a 3U GPU server with 3000W redundant PSU server solution. Powered by four NVIDIA GPUs, the 3U4X-ROME/2T is an AMD EPYC 7003 based server that provides the breakthrough performance in this 3U rackmount. Additionally, the 7U8X-ROME2/2T is a dual AMD-based AI training system that features eight-channel DIMMs and 16x AIC NVMe SSD with eight powerful NVIDIA GPUs.

Powered by NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs, the ASRock Rack servers accelerate AI training, deep learning and inference and provides the performance needed to meet demanding AI workloads.

To see more, please visit the ASRock Rack and GTC Fall 2021.

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