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ASRock Rack Showcases Broad Selection of HPC, GPU and Storage Systems at SC20

Taipei, Taiwan – The world leading server bare-bone and motherboard manufacturer ASRock Rack now provides the latest server solution during the SC20, from Nov. 17th to Nov. 19th.

ASRock Rack's has launched the new 1U GPU server 1U4G-ROME, which is NVIDIA® qualified server for A100 PCIe GPU server platform, and added this 1U high GPU/Accelerator density server to her GPU/FPGA computing line up; and this 1U4G-ROME is the first 1U 4 GPU server leveraging PCI Express 4.0 technology. Through ASRock Rack's unique design, the 1U4G-ROME fully utilizes the 128 PCIe4.0 lanes from single AMD EPYC 7002 series processor. Other than 4 PCIe4.0 x16 dual slot GPU support, the 1U4G-ROME is equipped with additional 2 riser cards for PCIe4.0 x16 low profile add-in cards enabling highest-bandwidth NIC expansions. For the storage specification, the 1U4G-ROME supports 8 pieces the new Enterprise Datacenter Small Form Factor (EDSFF E1.S) to maximize IOPS with better thermal efficiency while offering the flexibility for PCIe4.0 x4 22110 and 2280 M.2 modules by ED_M2W_G4 adapter cards. Despite using up the 128 lanes, 1U4G-ROME does not compromise the manageability and still has BMC AST2500 for IPMI and Intel® i350-AM2 for 2x GLAN.

Furthermore, ASRock Rack now provides the high-density, space-saving server platform with OCP 3.0 with Open19 standard. The OCP NIC 3.0 features better EMI containment for serviceability and hot swap function in the rectangle form factor. That also means there are more benefits in its thermal situation.

Moreover, we also provide the 19" Cage up to 12RU solution with partition in the middle to accommodate 24x 1U half-width bricks. Furthermore, with the high-density design, there are 2 nodes in 1U half-width brick; that means you can get 4 nodes in 1U brick, which is the best space-saving server bare-bone in the market.

To see more, please visit the SC20 Virtual Summit in ASRock Rack.

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