1. 1RU 2Tbps Top-of-Rack Data Center Switch
  2. 48 x SFP28 + 8 x QSFP28 ports
  3. Marvell Falcon 98CX8512 switch ASIC
  4. Intel Broadwell-DE D1517 CPU
  5. ONIE pre-loaded
  6. BMC optional


 Physical Ports
I/O Ports- 48 x SFP28 supporting 10/25GbE
- 8 x QSFP28 supporting 40/100GbE, or 4x10/4x25/2x50GbE with breakout cables
Management- 1 x RJ45 10/100/1000BASE-T
Console- 1 x RJ45 RS232
USB- 1 x USB 2.0 Type A
 Switch ASIC
- Marvell Falcon 98CX8512
CPU- Intel® Broadwell-DE® D-1517
Memory- Default 8GB DDR4
- Max 32GB DDR4
- SSD module optional
- AST2520 optional
 Performance and Scalability
Switching Capacity- 2T bps
Forwarding Rate- 2.8 Bpps
Jumbo frames- Yes
Packet Buffer Size- 24 MB
Transmit Descriptors- 192K
Bridge FDB Entries- Up to 256K
Router IPv4 Host Entries- Up to 256K
Router IPv6 Host Entries- Up to 128K
Router LPM- IPv4 - up to 512K unicast prefixes
- IPv6 - up to 256K unicast 64-bit prefixes
TCAM Resources
(Shared between TTI, IPCL and EPCL Classification Engines)
- 36K x 10B rules (18K x 10B per dual control pipe)
Virtual Ports (ePorts)- 8K
Bridge Domains (eVLANs)- Up to 8K
Multicast Physical Port Groups (VIDX)- Up to 4K
Multicast Virtual Port Groups (eVIDX)- 16K
Multicast Linked List (MLL) Entries- 16K
Tunnel-Start/ARP Table- Up to 192K ARP entries
- Up to 48K Non-IPv6 Tunnel-Start entries
- Up to 24K IPv6 Tunnel-Start entries
Router Next Hop Entries- 24K
Router ECMP Groups- 12K
ePort ECMP Groups- 16K
Trunk ECMP Groups- Up to 4K
L2 ECMP Table
(Shared by ePort ECMP group and Trunk ECMP groups)
- 16K ECMP members
- Each ECMP group may contain up to 4K EMCP members
Hardware OAM Flows- 16K ECMP members
- 4K OAM flows (1K OAM flows per control pipe)
Spanning Tree Groups- Up to 4K
 Power and Cooling
Power Supply- Hot-swappable 2 PSU, input range 100-240VAC, 650W, 1+1 redundancy
Power Consumption- 520W max
Fan Tray- Hot-swappable 5 fans, 4+1 redundancy
Dimension- 440 x 470 x 44 mm (WxDxH)
Weight- 9.7 kg
Operating Temperature- 0°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity- 5% to 95% relative humidity noncondensing
Operating Altitude- 3000m max
Storage Temperature- - 40°C to 70°C
Storage Humidity- 5% to 95% relative humidity noncondensing
 Regulatory Standards Compliance
Safety- UL, cUL, CB, CCC
Available upon Request- VCCI

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