Frequently Asked Questions

BIOS Firmware Update by IPMI

  1. Make sure you have connected a LAN cable from the laptop (client) to the dedicated IPMI LAN port on the Server. Prepare an USB device with the BIOS firmware installed.
  2. Enter the management system from your laptop (client). Go to Remote Control > Console Redirection.
  3. Click Java Console > Open to open the JViewer.
  4. Select “I accept the risk and want to run this application.” and click Run to launch the JViewer.
  5. In the BIOS screen, go to Advanced > Instant Flash.
  6. Insert the USB device with the BIOS firmware installed into your laptop (client).
  7. Click Hard Disk/USB Redirection.
  8. Select the inserted USB and click Connect Hard disk/USB.
  9. Confirm the inserted USB device is found and click Close to exit.
  10. In the BIOS, go to Advanced > Instant Flash and press the [Enter] key on the keyboard to select.
  11. Choose the desired BIOS firmware and press [Enter].
  12. The BIOS updating begins.
  13. After upgrade, press [Enter] key to reboot the server and confirm the BIOS and BMC versions.
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