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How to Support AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processor with ROME series motherboard?

1.Update BIOS FW

Step1. Login to IPMI Web UI

Step2. [Maintenance] -> [BIOS Update]

Step3. This wizard will takes you through the process of firmware upgrades.
Click the “Browse...” to select the BIOS FW file. Then click “Start BIOS update” for the upgrade process. And click “OK” if confirmed to continue the process.

Step4. FW verification processing, please wait a few second..

Step5. Click “Proceed” to continue the BIOS FW upgrade process. Then click “OK” to start the actual BIOS FW upgrade operation.

Step6.FW updrage is processing, please wait a few second..

Step7. BIOS FW upgrade process finished. Click “OK” to reload the webpage.
Remark: Clear the browser cookies after the BIOS FW upgrade process finished.

2. Update BMC FW

Step1. Prepare a flash drive, put the tool of socflash (such as the compressed file of attachment) and the ima file to be updated
Socflash Tool download link

Step2. Before using Socflash tool to update, please enter the BIOS, press "F9" to load default, then press "F10" to save and exit the BIOS, and make sure [CSM] is set to [Enabled]

Step3. Enter DOS and execute " Socflash if=filename option=r "

Step4. You will see the last line "Press y to continue if you are agree …." please press y to continue.

Step5. When "update flash chip ok" message appear, it means the update is completed, Please use "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to restart the system.

Step6. Go to the BIOS home page to check if the BMC version has been updated
Remark: After the completion of the update will automatically restart the machine several times, this is a normal phenomenon

Step7. Finish

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