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Steps to Console Redirection Setting via Serial (COM) Port

  1. 1. Equipment preparations:
    RS232 COM port
    RS232 COM port cable
    Putty terminal emulator application
  2. Make sure RS232 COM port plug into COM1 on the board, and the RS232 COM port cable are connect in both server & client side’ RS232 COM port.

  3. Execute the Putty terminal emulator application
  4. BIOS setting: Advanced→Serial Port Console Redirection→COM1 & EMS-Console Redirection: [Enable]
  5. BIOS setting: Advanced→Serial Port Console Redirection→COM1-Console Redirection Settings & EMS-Console Redirection Settings

    Please set the Putty’ “Connection Type” = Serial, and “Speed” are equal with “Bits per second”, and click “Open”.
  6. Reboot system and Console Redirection has start working.
    Console to BIOS

    Console to PXE
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