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Steps to Console Redirection Setting via Megarac SP Java SOL

  1. Equipment preparations:
    RJ45 Ethernet cable
  2. Make sure RJ45 port plug into IPMI_LAN port on the server side board, the RJ45 port plug into general LAN port on client side.
  3. Please follow the BIOS setting for the server side: Advanced→Serial Port Console Redirection→
    - Console Redirection: [Enable]
    - Console Redirection Settings:
    Bits per second: [115200]
  4. Legacy Console Redirection
    - Legacy Serial Redirec: [SOL]
    Legacy Serial Redirec: [SOL]
  5. Windows EMS
    - Console Redirection: [Enable]
    - Console Redirection Settings:
     Out-of-Band Mgmt Port: [SOL]
     Bits per second: [115200]
  6. Megarac SP setting (client side): Remote Control→Java SOL

    Click the [Java SOL]

    NOTE: A compatible JRE must be installed in the system prior to the launch of the JNLP file.
  7. Please follow the Java SOL setting, and click [Connect].
     BMC IP: {Station IP address}
     Username: {Megarac SP login ID} ** “admin” in default
     Password: {Megarac SP login password} ** “admin” in default
     Volatile-Bit-Rate: [115.2K]
     Non-Volatile-Bit-Rate: [115.2K]
  8. eboot server system and SOL has start working.
    SOL to BIOS

    SOL to PXE


    SOL to OS
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