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How to support Direct Passthrough function under VMware OS on 3U8G barebone system?

Download LSI from

  1. A boot USB drive
    (P.S. you can build a boot USB drive by rufus )
  2. 3U8G_PLX_P1.00 update folder and copy it into bootable USB. Press here to download


  1. Boot to DOS mode then enter 3U8G_PLX_P1.00update folder.
  2. Execute the 8747UPD.Bat till see the pass message appear.
  3. AC power off your system and then power on, you will finish the updateing.
  4. If you update FW successfully, you will see belw picture under VM OS:

Test Environment:
OS: VMware ESXi 6.0.0, 3620759
GPU card: AMD FirePro W4300
System: 3U8G-C612
BIOS: P2.40
BMC: P7.33.0
PLX FW: P1.00

If you want to restore PLX FW back to P1.01 ,please use below attached file and repeat 2-3 steps.
Press here to download

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