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I can't see Marvell 9230 option ROM when I select Marvell 9230 UEFI mode. How to add Marvell 9230 UEFI option ROM?


  1. A boot USB drive
    (P.S. you can build a boot USB drive by rufus )
  2. Copy "Marvell 9230_UEFI" folder into bootable USB drive.
    Press to Download


  1. Press F2 or Del into BIOS, select "Yes, Boot to SATAIII_M0_M3(UEFI Driver)" in BIOS -> Advanced -> Storage Configuration -> Bootable Marvell 9230 SATAIII
  2. Save and exit BIOS.
  3. Press F11 while booting and select "UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell".
  4. Type "fs3:" enter to your USB Drive directory
  5. Type "cd 9230_UEFI\Utility" then type "ui64.efi" to enter 9230 UEFI option ROM.
  6. Select "Configuration Wizard" to start creating a RAID mode.
  7. Press space to select free disks you want and select "NEXT" to continue.
  8. RAID mode is created successfully.
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