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I can't see Marvell 9172 option ROM when I select Marvell 9172 UEFI mode. How to add Marvell 9172 UEFI option ROM?


  1. A boot USB drive
    (P.S. you can build a boot USB drive by rufus )
  2. Copy “9172_ESP1410_UEFI” folder into bootable USB drive.
    Press to Download


  1. Press F2 or Del into BIOS, select “Yes, Boot to SATA3_M0_M1(UEFI Driver)” in BIOS -> Advanced -> Storage Configuration -> Bootable Marvell 9172 SATA3
  2. Save and exit BIOS.
  3. Press F11 while booting and select "UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell".
  4. Type "fs0:" enter to your USB Drive directory
  5. Type "cd 9172_ESP1410_Uefi\Utilities" then type "ui64.efi" to enter 9172 UEFI option ROM.
  6. Select "Create" and press to start creating a RAID mode.
  7. First select free disks you want and select "NEXT" to continue.
  8. Select either RAID0 or RAID1 mode to be created and configure other relevant RAID settings. Then select "NEXT" to continue.
  9. RAID mode is created successfully.
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