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I can't see LSI 2308 option ROM when I select LSI UEFI mode. How to add LSI 2308 UEFI option ROM?


A boot USB drive
(P.S. you can build a boot USB drive by rufus

LSI2308_UEFI folder and copy it into bootable USB.
Press to download


  1. Use a bootable USB and boot to DOS environment.
  2. Go to LSI2308_UEFI folder and type command “START_IR.BAT”

  3. Reboot and press Del/F2 into BIOS.
    LSI Controller=> Auto
    Bootable LSI Controller =>Yes
    Lunch Storage Storage OpROM policy =>UEFI only

  4. You will see there is a LSI2308 option ROM “LSI SAS2 MPT controller SAS2308” in BIOS -> Advanced.
  5. You can use LSI2308 option ROM to manager UEFI RAID.

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