Frequently Asked Questions

LSI 2308 Firmware P16 (for FreeNAS)

Download LSI from

  1. Unzip “LSI 2308 FW update” to bootable USB Drive.
    You can follow below link to build a bootable USB drive.
  2. Boot to DOS environment.
  3. Execute readaddr.bat (save sas address and create info.txt)
  4. Execute start.bat to update LSI2308 FW.
  5. Restart and press Ctrl+C into LSI RAID ROM.
    You can check the FW revision, SAS address and compare with info.txt(stpe1)
  6. If SAS address have been changed please type command (in DOS)“sas2flsh.exe -o -sasadd XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” Your SAS address
  7. Restart and check SAS address
  8. Finish
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