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Enhanced Broadwell-EP Server Products launched by ASRock Rack

Taipei, Taiwan, April 6, 2016
ASRock Rack has launched its new Broadwell products featured Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 family. The upgrade features are underpinning various applications such as enterprise, SaaS, HPC, and storage. ASRock Rack was founded in 2013 by leading mother vendor ASROCK. We focus on cloud-based datacenter and High Performance Computing (HPC).

The new Broadwell-EP is said to improve maximum 40% of performance and 70% of security by its new security features, compared with the predecessor. Among the highest specification, the number of core/thread reach to an amazing 22/44, and cache rises to 55MB. It can truly benefit large datacenters which requires a lot of cores and cache to deal with intensive computing tasks and virtual machines (VMs). Speaking of virtualization, the new technology offers better support on the cache and memory. The applications can be prioritized dynamically under Broadwell-EP platform, and the VMs can run more effectively.

ASRock Rack has upgraded the dual processors motherboards features Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4, for single processor motherboards and more are going to release online soon in April for downloads. Barebone servers from 1U to 3U are all equipped with new Broadwell-EP. With the enhanced features, ASRock Rack can provide a more powerful and efficient server products to customers. In the future, for applications such as virtualization, HPC and high frequency trading can benefit more from ASRock Rack products.


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