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ASRock Rack 2U & 3U server solution Supports the Latest NVIDIA® GRID 2.0

Taipei, Taiwan, 15th, September, 2015 - ASRock Rack, the innovative server technology provider has announced today its high density GPGPU server "2U2N-F" and "3U8G-C612" with the new NVIDIA® GRID™ 2.0.

NVIDIA® GRID recently released the newest NVIDIA® GRID 2.0 at VMWorld, the world's largest cloud and virtualization conference. NVIDIA® GRID 2.0 delivers double the application performance and double the user density as well as support for Linux OS and blade servers to provide unprecedented speed, efficiency and flexibility for virtualized graphics in enterprise workflows. Employees can work from almost anywhere without delays in downloading files, increasing their productivity. IT departments can equip workers with instant access to powerful applications, improving resource allocation. And data can be stored more securely by residing in a central server rather than individual systems.

NVIDIA® GRID 2.0 combines enterprise software and support with the latest generation Maxwell GPU architecture-based Tesla M6 and Tesla M60 GPUs that were designed to deliver maximum performance and scalability for virtualized graphics workloads. ASRock Rack 2U2N-F and 3U8G-C612 are both configurable with four to eight GPU cards to support GRID 2.0. ASRock Rack recommends a minimum of four Tesla M60 GPUs for the best graphics performance for virtualization. Other PCIe slots are available for rich functionalities such as accelerating by PCIe SSD, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) by SFP+ or InfiniBand, NVR or facial recognition system by capture cards, data back up by RAID cards and other high performance graphic cards for real time transcode.

ASRock Rack will showcase 2U2N-F and 3U8G-C612 in the upcoming NVIDIA® GTC Japan in Tokyo. Please come to visit us at booth number 13.

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