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Join SC17 with ASRock Rack to Gain Insights into Newly Minted Server Technology for AI, Deep Learning

Denvor, USA, NOV-13th, 2017

ASRock Rack, the innovative server technology provider is exhibiting its next generation platform for deep learning, parallel computing and HPC.

This time, ASRock Rack will focus on two different architectures of HPC Platform: GPGPU and CPU. First is the 3U8G, a brand new GPU server 4U10G-F supporting up to 10 double-width GPGPU cards. It is capable of achieving 50 teraflops (double insertion) for parallel computing and training. Since this system is a front PCI-E design, it has five fans to deal with the heat. It also reserves mezzanine slots for customers to add networks or set up hardware RAID. It is not only suitable for deep learning but also a good match for HPC customers.

On the other hand, if customers are looking for a mainly CPU based HPC platform, ASRock Rack can provide a 2U4N-F/X202 which features the latest Intel® Xeon® Phi processor. It can boast up to 288 cores of CPU computing power, and reduce the latency of host-processors. Moreover, it supports a total 4 of NVMe SSDs and provides various network options. Customers can choose from high-speed fabric networks or standard Ethernet through PCI-E. On top of computing nodes, ASRock Rack is going to display two types of storage server: 1U12XL-C622/RPSU and 4U100 - which feature the brand new Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family, aiming to offer customers a flexible way to max out storage and space.

Last but not least, ASRock Rack will be showing off its wide array of server motherboards. There will be SoC motherboards in small form factor featuring Intel® Atom® C3000 and other boards featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family, ready for channel purpose or large-scale projects.


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