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Find a Great Satisfaction by Multi-node Parallel Computing with us in!

Rust Germany, March 25, 2017
Since the concept of cloud services launched from 1980s, it has reached billions of people. The well-known services not only limited in storage or note filed now, but also in the music, video transcoding, files converting or even cloud antivirus area. However, behind every great service, there is a server. ASRock Rack has selected the most powerful server to impress you in the show.


One of the most crucial parts of cloud service will be collecting big data. ASRock Rack 1U12LX-C612D4U_2T8R collocates with Intel® Xeon E5-16/2600 series processor, 4*2400/2133/1866 DDR4 slots, 2*PCIe 3.0x16, 1*PCIe 3.0x8 , 10G Nic by Intel® X540 and total 12 3.5" SATA HDDs(6GB/s) in 1U height, but it only needed 550W power. This web/ cloud server makes storage matters extremely efficient.


Another critical factor for web service in HPC platform will be CDN(Content Delivery Network). ASRock Rack's high-density microserver 3U16N serves 16 nodes with maximum 50 Gbe nic. 3U16N equips total 16* Xeon D1500 series processors, 16*2.5" NVMe SSD, and 32* DDR4 2400*/2133/1866 ECC SO-DIMM. No matter virtualization, parallel/ cloud computing or web hosting, 3U16N will be your best choice in the microserver market. Desiring more? Come and enjoy with us on booth #R05 in 2017!


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