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ASRock Rack Demonstrates Best Solution for Cloud Computing Servers at Cloud Expo Europe

ExCeL, London, April 8, 2016
With the rise of big data and cloud computing market, having high performance tools to support is significant and absolutely indispensable. The innovative server vendor ASRock Rack is set to join the biggest and best attended cloud event at Cloud Expo Europe to demonstrate user-friendly products and innovative solution for the first time. ASRock Rack was founded in 2013 by leading mother vendor ASRock. We focus on cloud-based datacenter and High Performance Computing (HPC).

ASRock Rack will showcase high-density storage server 1U12LW-C2750 and 2U4N-R at booth 153. 1U12LW-C2750 is equipped with 12 hot-swap bays and compatible motherboard which features Intel® Atom™ C2750. This 1U server system is the best practice for web cold storage due to its low energy and cost-effective features. The other exhibiting system, 2U4N-R is a brand new product which is not yet launched. It supports NVMe SSDs and total up to 24 of 2.5" SATA3 HDDs in order to enhance storage capacity. 2U4N-R is the high performance platform for not only cloud computing but also data analysis, storage server and virtualization.

Furthermore, the latest and innovative SoC Platform motherboard and workstation will be demonstrated at the show in order to provide best solution for various specialized server users as well. D1541D4U-2T2O8R features Intel® Xeon® D processors, which is ideal for warm storage server, virtualization, and hyperscale datacenter. The high-end workstation with mini-ITX workstation, C236 WSI4, supports Intel® Xeon®E3-1500 v5 series BGA processors. This workstation motherboard with SoC in compact size has GT4e (Iris Pro). It becomes the best option for professional graphic purposes. Meet ASRock Rack at booth 153 to see how advancing technology could lead us to the cloud-based future.


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