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6/12/2018 [Review]
【COMPUTEX】Xeon W対応のLGA2066 Mini-ITXマザーボード、ASRock Rack「C422 WSI」
6/7/2018 [Review]
【COMPUTEX】「HDD 100台対応」で容量1PB (ペタバイト) 対応のストレージサーバや TESLA V100を8基搭載したGPGPUサーバーも…
6/4/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack於COMPUTEX 2018展示最新工作站、伺服器與存儲解決方案
6/4/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Exhibits Latest Server and Storage Innovations at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018
5/30/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack COMPUTEX 2018發表支援NVIDIA® Tesla V100 32GB GPU 全新人工智慧與深度學習GPU伺服器平台
5/30/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Exhibits New High-density GPU Server Platforms with NVIDIA® Tesla V100 32GB GPUs at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018
5/8/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Exhibits Newly Minted Server Technology at Japan IT Week Spring 2018
3/27/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Exhibits New GPU Server Solutions at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference 2018
3/19/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Highlights New Supporting Open Compute Project Solutions at OCP U.S. Summit 2018
3/12/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack to Showcase Its Rapid Innovation of Storage Server Solutions at CloudFest 2018
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