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5/8/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Exhibits Newly Minted Server Technology at Japan IT Week Spring 2018
3/27/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Exhibits New GPU Server Solutions at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference 2018
3/19/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack Highlights New Supporting Open Compute Project Solutions at OCP U.S. Summit 2018
3/12/2018 [News]
ASRock Rack to Showcase Its Rapid Innovation of Storage Server Solutions at CloudFest 2018
11/13/2017 [News]
SC Show 17:與永擎電子一同探索人工智慧、深度學習基礎建設架構
11/13/2017 [News]
Join SC17 with ASRock Rack to Gain Insights into Newly Minted Server Technology for AI, Deep Learning
8/15/2017 [News]
ASRock Rack's Low-Power Series Struts Its Stuff with Intel® Atom®C3000 Processor
8/15/2017 [News]
永擎電子新推出微型伺服器主機板, 升級下一代Intel® Atom®處理器C系列, 隆重登場!
7/11/2017 [News]
The Best Has Arrived: See What ASRock Rack Has Got Lined Up For Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Platform
6/22/2017 [News]
Feel The Power of Our Frugal Servers ASRock Rack will show what super-computing is in ISC.
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